Clear Shot of Travis' Locker taken during the Meet and Greet night

Scooter's gear (Source: Jenn)

Some of Travis' Equipment

Scooter taking a dinner request at the Monarchs At Your Service Dinner (Source: Joe Z.)

Travis signed Joe Z.'s head! (Source: Joe Z.)

Travis, Brandon Dietrich, and Greg Koehler at the Monarchs dinner

Travis at the Monarchs At Your Service Dinner (Source: Joe Z.)

Chris Schmidt, some Monarchs fans, and Travis hanging out at Volkswagon in Manchester

Travis and Cyndi B. (Source: Cyndi)

Travis and one of his fans

Travis at a Kids Club Party

Travis hanging with his fan, Sasha

Travis visiting Colin

Travis and 2 more of his fans

Eric Healey, a fan, and Travis at a Meet and Greet

Travis in Lowell after a game (Source: Erin)

Travis being goofy in Lowell (Source: Erin)

Travis and his fan, Krystle at Hannaford (Source: Krystle)

Travis and his fan club

Travis signing a goalie stick that he gave me (Source: Mom)