Travis, do you know what you are doing? (Big Game)

Up-close shot of Travis starring down the opposition (Big Game)

Travis workin' hard (Big Game)

Travis covering up the puck (Big Game)

Travis taking a breather (Big Game)

Travis, can you see through the traffic? (Big Game)

Travis standing tall in net (Big Game)

Travis using his leg pad (Big Game)

Travis moving towards the puck (Darren Abate)

Travis making a kick save against Houston (Darren Abate)

Travis, where's the puck? (Darren Abate)

Travis fighting with Eddy Fehri

Travis moving around in the crease (Darren Abate)

Travis sporting his Rampage Christmas Jersey (Darren Abate)

Travis spending time with kids near the holidays

Travis spending time with people

The Rampage during warm-ups (Admirals Zone)

Up-close shot of Travis in Norfolk (Admirals Zone)

Travis in net against the Admirals (Admirals Zone)

Travis keeping focused on what's going on (Admirals Zone)

Travis covering up that puck! (Admirals Zone)

Travis working hard in net against Norfolk (Admirals Zone)

Hey where's the defense? (Admirals Zone)

Travis chatting with Micheal Leighton (Admirals Zone)

Travis showing off in Norfolk (Admirals Zone)

Travis during a game in Norfolk (Admirals Zone)

Travis sporting his military theme jersey (Darren Abate)

Travis working with teammate Michel Periard (Darren Abate)

The back of Travis in goal (Darren Abate)