Travis looking on in the background (Darren Abate)

A scramble in the crease (Darren Abate)

Travis has a clear view of the puck (Darren Abate)

Get him out of there! (Darren Abate)

Travis being congratulated by his teammate (Darren Abate)

Using his goalie stick (Darren Abate)

Travis looking like he's ready to make a pass (Darren Abate)

Travis focusing hard (Darren Abate)

Nothing's gonna get past me! (Darren Abate)

Travis sticking his pad out (Darren Abate)

Lots of traffic in front of the goal (Darren Abate)

Using his pads to make the big save! (Darren Abate)

The Rampage defense battling hard (Darren Abate)

Travis doing everything he can to stop the puck (Darren Abate)

Travis staying with the play (Darren Abate)

Aeriel shot of Travis (Darren Abate)

Travis scrambling around (Darren Abate)

Travis with a beautiful kick save! (Darren Abate)

Travis in good position (Darren Abate)

Travis keeping his eye on that puck! (Darren Abate)

Travis and his biggest fan in Hartford, CT

Travis in warmups in Hartford, CT

Lee Goren, Travis, etc. (Judy)

Lee Goren, Jessica, and Travis (Jessica)

Travis playing beach volleyball (

Travis' Panthers mug shot

Travis sporting his Rampage gear (Big Game)

Travis starring down the competition (Big Game)

Travis, who are you looking at? (Big Game)

Travis using that stick to keep the puck away! (Big Game)