Travis sporting the fiesta jersey (Source: Darren Abate)

What a cool lookin' jersey! (Source: Darrem Abate)

Travis, how do you like the new jersey? (Source: Darren Abate)

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Travis and Jessica's mom (Jessica)

Travis bowling (Jessica)

Travis hanging with Lee Goren

Travis partying (Jessica)

Travis with his fan, Jessica (Jessica)

Travis being recognized as the team MVP (Jessica)

Travis during a game (Jessica)

Travis getting ready to go (Jessica)

Travis and one of his big fans, Jessica (Jessica)

The Rampage trying to clear the zone (Darren Abate)

Travis doing all he can to keep the puck out of the net (Darren Abate)

Travis sticking out his leg pad (Darren Abate)

Travis has his eyes on the puck (Darren Abate)

Travis blocking the goal (Darren Abate)