Meet Michelle and her niece


1.) When did you guys first become fans of Travis'?

(A.) We first became Travis fans when Travis played his first year for the Monarchs.

2.) Why did you guys become fans of his? What do you guys like best about him?

(A.) He is a great goalie. He is also very friendly and a great guy.

3.) What sorts of items can be found in your Travis Scott collection?

(A.) We have the Travis Scott bobblehead, an autographed puck, a stick, his game-used goalie pads, programs, t-shirts, and pictures. The Travis Scott goalie pads are definitely the best.

4.) What is your most memorable Travis moment? (Could be a game or an appearance)

(A.) When he showed up to my niece's 10th birthday to deliver goalie pads and the autographed stick.