Meet Katie


1.) When did I first become a fan of Travis'?

(A.) I first became a Travis fan in December of 2001. I got a free ticket to a Manchester Monarchs game from my boss for Christmas. Travis was in the middle of his awesome shutout streak, and I took notice during the first game I went to how much talent he had. Then I met him in January of 2002, and thought he was a nice guy so I became an even bigger fan of his.

2.) Why did I become a fan of his? What do I like best about him?

(A.) I thought he was a great goalie, and then I met him and he was really nice.  The thing I like best about him is how nice of a guy he is off the ice, and he treats his fans awesome. There isn't a nicer hockey player out there.

3.) What sorts of items can be found in my Travis Scott collection?

(A.) I have a Travis Scott bobblehead, several autographed 8x10's, pictures with him, 5 game-used sticks (2 he gave me), game-used autographed Lowell Lock Monsters jersey, away replica Mississippi Seawolves jersey, all of his trading cards, an autographed trapper, 2 autographed blockers, autographed pucks, pins, programs, All-Star items, autographed mini goalie stick, tapes, scrapbook, calendar, Monarchs t-shirt, a Monarchs away replica jersey, etc. Take a look at my Travis Scott collection page to see more details on all my stuff. My favorite item is either the first stick he gave me or the autographed trapper.  Thanks for everything, Travis!

4.) What is my most memorable Travis moment? (Could be a game or an appearance)

(A.) I have so many awesome memories; it is hard to pick just one. Hmm. I would probably say the most memorable moment was getting to say bye to him and his family before they left Manchester, New Hampshire for San Antonio, Texas. I appreciated them giving me a chance to do that. That sticks in my mind because it is the most current memory.