Goalie Sticks



This was my 1st goalie stick. It was given to me by Travis after warm-ups at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. This stick is an ITECH and is all taped up (clear tape so it might be hard to see in the pic) around the ITECH letters. This stick has "Scott" written near the handle. He mostly used Sherwood sticks when he played for the Monarchs, so its hard to find another stick like this. He signed the stick after an open practice in Exeter, NH. Thanks Travis!



This ITECH stick was given to me by Travis after a practice in Hooksett, NH. He asked me if I wanted a stick. He signed it before he gave it to me.



Travis broke this stick in warm-ups at a game in Albany, New York. I obtained it from the Monarchs equipment manager, Mike Holden. I believe this was the only time he used a Koho stick while with the Monarchs. He signed it by the team bus after the game. Thanks Mike and Travis!



This stick was obtained at the Monarchs pro shop. At that time goalie sticks cost $20.00. Now, the sticks are much more pricy in the pro shop. It is a Sherwood stick. It shows great use. You can see where the wood is splitting in various spots as well as puck marks. It was autographed by Travis.




This Sherwood stick was also purchased at the Monarchs pro shop for $20.00. This stick shows great use by Travis as evident by these photos. The stick is not autographed. It is the same model as the Sherwood stick above.


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