Meet Ashley


1.) When did you first become a fan of Travis'?

(A.) I first became a fan of Travis' in 1999. It was his first game in Lowell.

2.) Why did you become a fan of his? What do you like best about him?

(A.) I became a fan of his because the first time I saw him play he did awesome  I was just amazed the first time I saw him because of how well he did, and he instantly became my favorite player. The thing I like most about Travis is the fact that no matter if they win or lose he is always so nice to his fans.

3.) What sorts of items can be found in your Travis Scott collection?

(A.) My Travis collection consists of my jersey, lots and lots of pictures, and autographs. The coolest Travis item I own is my jersey that he personalized for me.

4.) What is your most memorable Travis moment? (Could be a game or an appearance)

(A.) My most memorable Travis moment is the first time I met Travis. It was in the Tsongas Arena in the club room and he was with his wife and his daughter. It was during his first season in Lowell.