Meet Allie




1.) When did you first become a fan of Travis'?

(A.) I first became a fan of Travis at the end of the first Monarchs season. I never liked hockey until I received a free ticket, and that is when I started to enjoy Monarchs games and follow Travis.

2.) Why did you become a fan of his? What do you like best about him?

(A.) I became a fan of Travis' because he was a real aggressive and talented goaltender. After meeting him I became an even bigger fan because of how nice he was. What I like best about Travis is how nice he is to his fans, and how he makes time for them out of his busy schedule.

3.) What sorts of items can be found in your Travis Scott collection? 

(A.) I have a yearbook with him on it, an 8x10 of him, cards, and pictures, which are signed by him. My coolest item is a picture with him that he signed.

4.) What is your most memorable Travis moment? (Could be a game or an appearance)

(A.) It was during the playoffs when Travis got into a fight with the Hartford Wolfpack's goalie, Scott Meyer. That was a great fight. Another memorable moment was the first time I met Travis.


Allie's other interests: Gabe Kapler, Shea Hillenbrand, Eric Healey, the Boston Red Sox, and softball.