Meet Todd and Ben


1.) When did you guys first become fans of Travis'?

(A.) We became fans of Travis' when he played for the Worcester Ice Cats of the AHL. We had season tickets down in Worcester. Then he went to Lowell and Manchester, so we continued following him.

2.) Why did you become a fan of his? What do you like best about him?

(A.) He is a good goalie and a nice guy. He's always treated my son, Ben very well.

3.) What sorts of items can be found in your Travis Scott collection? 

(A.) I have an L.A. Kings jersey with his name on the back, a Monarchs authentic jersey with patches and everything and his name on the back, my son has a game-used stick from when Travis came to his birthday party and he has a replica jersey with patches and Travis' name on the back, a Travis Scott bobblehead, tapes, cards, etc. etc. etc.

4.) What is your most memorable Travis moment? (Could be a game or an appearance)

(A.) Coming soon!!!