Travis' 2004-05 Rampage mug shot

Travis at Rampage camp (Source: Jessica)

Travis is showing the Rampage coaches what he can do at camp (Source: Jessica)

Rampage Camp (Source: Jessica)

Travis, get back to work! (Source: Jessica)

Nice shot of Travis during warm-ups at the SBC Center (Source: Jessica)

One last shot of Travis in warm-ups (Source: Jessica)

Trav in warm-ups (Source: Jessica)

Warm-ups at the SBC Center (Source: Jessica)

Travis getting ready for a game against Norfolk (Source: Jessica)

Trav taking a break in warm-ups (Source: Jessica)

His teammates trying to score on Trav in warm-ups (Source: Jessica)

Travis is the man in net!

Travis making a save against Norfolk (Darren Abate)

Travis on the jumbotron after an awesome performance (Source: Jessica)

The card that was passed out at a Meet and Greet

A banner featuring Travis

Travis and Jessica at a meet and greet (Source: Jessica)

Travis and Jess at the bowling alley (Source: Jessica)

Travis spotted something in the crowd! (Source: Jessica)

Travis wearing the New Year's Jersey (Source: Jessica)

Is that Travis in that new jersey? (Source: Jessica)

Travis sporting the New Year's Jersey (Source: Jessica)

Travis at the New Year's Jersey Auction (Source: Jessica)

Travis making a big save against the Wolves (Source:Wolfkeeper)

Travis, get in the crease! (Source: Wolfkeeper)

A Chicago Wolve is in the net! (Source:Wolfkeeper)

Travis, are you gonna chime in? (Source:Wolfkeeper)

A mad scramble in front of the goal (Source:Wolfkeeper)

Travis in a game against the Wolves (Source: Wolfkeeper)