This is a collection of quotes that either Travis has said or others have said about him.  Enjoy! 

 “A battle, but a friendly battle," commented Cousineau. (10/4/01-Marcel Cousineau about his competition with Travis for playing time in the beginning of the 2001-2002 season)

 “We limited their chances,” said Scott. “I thought we played really well tonight. I thought we really took charge in the third period. It was a big character win for us.” (1/7/02-Travis Scott after the game they won against the Hershey Bears, 2-1)

 “I just hope it doesn’t take that long for someone to realize that Travis is an NHL goaltender,” quipped Boudreau. (1/1/02-Coach Bruce Boudreau said this after Travis had his goaless streak snapped)

 “We have two good goalies,” Boudreau said. “As far as I’m concerned it’s a team game. Travis is playing good, but Cous had a great outing his last outing in Saint John.” (12/26/01-Coach Bruce Boudreau)

 “I think there have been games where I’ve made more bigger saves at times,” said Scott. “The guys did a great job. Things are just going good. There’s ups and downs in every season. You just ride it as long as you can.” (12/24/01-Travis Scott during his goaless streak) 

"Scotty was really solid," added Boudreau. "The first two periods I didn't think they had a lot of scoring chances at all . Our whole game plan is to take the middle away and let them shoot from the outside. If you're going to shoot from the outside, goalies are going to save those." (12/16/01-Coach Bruce Boudreau after a game against the Lowell Lock Monsters)

 “We had our opportunities to score and Scott made some big saves for them,” said Worcester’s Eric Boguniecki, who tallied the Ice Cats’ only goal less than a minute into the game. (12/3/01-Eric Boguniecki after a game against the Monarchs earlier in the season) 

“They’re a good team and we play them enough times there’s definitely going to be some tension out there,” said Manchester’s Scott. “They beat us the first two games in their building and we wanted to have a little bit of revenge coming back home. I thought our guys limited their real good scoring chances.” (12/3/01-Travis Scott after the game against the Worcester Icecats)

 “We got a lot of goals so I could relax and play my game,” said Scott. “I felt I played a strong game and the team played strong in front of me . . . We got a quick lead and definitely settled me down and the whole team down. You have some room for error.” (11/29/01-Travis Scott after a game against the Maple Leafs)

 “They will form one of the best tandems in the league,” said McDonough, “and both will battle for our number one spot. In my opinion you build your team with goaltending. With good goaltending the mistakes up front are not so glaring. It takes the pressure off young players up front. These guys will make big saves. Mistakes will be made, but it will allow us to correct mistakes and not have to worry about the puck going in the net.” (9/29/01-Hubie McDonough, director of Monarchs hockey operations,said during the pre-season about Scott and Marcel Cousineau) 

-This is not a direct quote from anyone, but a friend of mine that goes to Monarchs games knows Travis off the ice. He told me he talked to Travis' wife, and supposedly Travis is really nervous about the All-Star game because it is near his hometown and a lot of people he knows will be there. (Mid January'02) 

-This is not a direct quote either, but I read at unionleader.com that Travis is much more comfortable with his sporadic playing time than he he was in the beginning of the system. He couldn't find a rhythm early on. (Mid January'02)

 "I wish I would have played a little better," said Scott, who wasn't letting the disappointing outcome spoil his debut. (Travis Scott after his 2000 NHL Debut) 

"Everywhere I play, I do the same thing," Scott said from his L.A. hotel room. "When you get put in the game, it's supposed to be kind of a timeout for the team. I was taking all the time I could." (Travis Scott after taking his time getting into his 1st NHL game)

 "I was worried I'd be really nervous before I got called up. But I decided just to go out and have fun and be relaxed," said Scott. (Travis Scott on his mindset before his NHL Debut) 

"The first one went in off the post," Scott said. "The second was a backdoor play that went in off the post. The third was a tipped shot. I didn't have much of a chance on any of the goals." (Travis Scott about the goals he allowed in his NHL Debut)

"After we won the Cup, he didn't even know if he was going to have a job," Thuss said. "(Former Sea Wolves coach Bruce Boudreau) gave him a chance and got him signed in the NHL by the Kings. I guess all the stars were aligned. He got a chance and I'm happy as hell for him." (Chuck Thuss who was a teammate of Travis)

 "When I played in Mississippi, the NHL seemed a long way off," said Scott, who played at the famed Garden against the likes of future Hall of Famer Mark Messier. (Travis Scott on how far he has come as a goalie) 

"It's funny. I watched those guys growing up. I'm not really star-struck but it's pretty neat to play against those guys you used to watch on TV," said Scott. (Travis on playing against guys he watched growing up like Messier)

 " It gives me a tingly feeling. I get chills. It makes you work harder because you want to produce for the fans. I work hard every game but it's always nice when you have people supporting you," said Scott. (Travis on receiving fan support and whether it makes him work harder in games.)

 "It would be nice to win a championship here in Lowell. To do it at the East Coast level was a thrill and I know it would be a thrill to do it at this level, "said Scott. (Travis on his main goal for the 2000-2001 season when he was on Lowell) 

"The only place Travis is going to is the NHL," said Boudreau. "He was one of the best goaltenders in the AHL last season and he isn't going anywhere." (Coach Bruce Boudreau before the start of the 2001-2002 season-responding to the rumor Travis might be sent to the ECHL-10/8/01)

-This is not a direct quote...He said he had fun at the All-Star game twice when asked during the game. He said he was just hoping not to embarrass himself. He also said he hoped the Canadians could pull out a win. (Travis Scott said this after the 2nd period of the 2002 All-Star Game) 

“The goaltenders have been the reason why we’ve been winning,” said Boudreau. “The rotation is not ideal, but they’ve been great with it. They’ve been tremendous. I can’t use that word enough. The goaltenders have been tremendous. They’re not 20-year-olds. They’ve been tremendous professionally.” (Coach Bruce Boudreau about the goalie situation between Travis, Fiset, and Cooz-2/20/02) 

-This is an indirect quote. My Travis friend said he talked to Travis and he's bumming because he's not playing that much. (Feb. 20)

 "Hey Buddy," said Travis. (He said this to me at their open practice- 3/5/02) 

“Everything is so tight right now in the race and this was a huge win,” said Scott. “I didn’t feel I was out of position all night. Everything just seemed to hit me square in the pads.” “I thought the team played great tonight. Any time a team can play that well in front of you, good things are going to happen,” said Scott. “It was definitely a big win.” (Scott said this after a win against Worcester-3/16/02) 

“Scott played well and made some tremendous saves,” said Boudreau. (Coach Bruce Boudreau said this after the Monarchs game against the Flames-3/22/02) 

"Okay, which one of you is the real Scott?" (Coach Bruce Boudreau said this to me after a Monarchs practice when he saw Travis talking to me when I was wearing my Travis jersey) 

"We really came out hard tonight," said Scott. Their goalie made some big saves and they capitalized on their chances. (Desrouchers) was definitely a big part in their win. If we come out (Friday and Saturday) like we did tonight we'll be fine. It was a tough break tonight." (Travis Scott after a loss to the Springfield Falcons- 4/3/02) 

"We really held them to nothing in the last two periods,” said Scott. “Our ‘D’ played a great game tonight and our forwards were winning their battles on the wall getting the puck out. That’s probably our best game all year right there.” (Travis Scott after a game against the Worcester IceCats- 4/5/02) 

“Scotty (Travis Scott) has been very good handling the puck as of late,” said Boudreau. “He was very poised tonight.” (Coach Bruce Boudreau after a win against Lowell-4/6/02)

 Randy from Manchester, NH asks... Obviously I am not a professional scout so maybe I am missing something here. My question is why is Travis Scott not playing in the NHL? I don't miss many NHL games on TV, and I have been to many Monarchs game. From what I see his time in the NHL is overdue, don't you think? I would hate to see him leave the AHL, but for his sake, it would be great! "I have coached Travis for four years and I agree he can play at the NHL level. I hope he gets a chance," said Coach Bruce Boudreau. (www.monarchshockey.com in the Q and A section)

 “It started out like (Saturday’s loss) did,” said Scott. “But we really held them in the last 12 minutes of the second period. Then in the third period we played really well. We got the goal on the power play like we wanted to.” (Travis said this after the Monarchs win against Hartford in Game 2... 4/15/02) 

“When you’re fighting, you just try to throw more punches, "said Scott. (April 17, 2002 after a playoff game with Hartford) 

"That was a big adjustment for me," Scott recalls. "It was tough on me for the first month; I wasn't sure if I'd stay in hockey." (Travis is referring to went he went away from home so he could play junior hockey in Windsor, Ontario-8/18/02)

"It's great the way the city has taken us in," Scott said. "It's been fun." (Travis talking about the fan support from the city of Manchester- 8/18/02)

"It is different if you're single," Travis said. "When you have a family, moving around is tough." (Travis on why he chose to stay in Manchester over the summer-8/18/02)

"We were together for two years and we developed a pretty good relationship," Scott said. "It was tough at times, but we worked it out and became good friends." (Travis on his relationship with former teammate, Marcel Cousineau -8/18/02)

"I want them to take a look at me, notice me," said Scott. "I'm going to try to give them a reason not to send me down for as long as possible. (Travis on how he hopes to perform at the L.A. Kings Camp-8/18/02)

"Whenever we needed someone to help us out, he's been there," said Manchester Monarchs President, Jeff Eisenberg. "I think he's had a good time here." (Jeff Eisenberg on how active he's been in the community-8/18/02)

"They (L.A. Kings) weren't happy with their goaltending last year,"said the Manchester Monarchs director of hockey operations, Hubie McDonough. "Those guys aren't unmovable if Travis has a great camp. He has the ability to get it done, but in the past, I'm not sure he had the mentality because he didn't think he really had an opportunity. I think he knows now that he has the opportunity." (Hubie McDonough on Travis' chance to make the Kings-8/18/02)

"Would you guys like some pucks?" (Travis asked my friend and I at a Dunkin Donuts grand opening-Aug. 2002)

"I was pretty nervous,"said Scott. "I hadn't played in the AHL for 2 1/2 years. I feel good about the way I played. I faced 50 shots. The penalties at the end hurt us." (Travis after his debut with the Lowell Lock Monsters)

"Travis is very deserving of this award," said former Lock Monsters coach Bruce Boudreau. "He is a guy who came here on a tryout and has earned his way...to be a very good and very adequate starting goaltender." (Bruce Boudreau said this after Travis won the AHL Player of the Week Award while on Lowell.)

"It makes it easier because you're not sitting on the bench getting stale, sitting on  the bench for two and then playing one," Scott said. "Bruce has shown confidence in me all year. It feels good right now." (Travis after Robert Luongo got called up)

"It was inside the rink than outside," Scott said. "I was sicker than a dog." (Travis said this when he came back to beat the Providence Bruins right after Christmas and he was sick)

"He asked if I wanted to put on a show for the fans, so I took my gloves off," Scott said. (When Neil Little approached him during a game)

"It's way too tiring," a calm Scott said after his fight with Patrick Desrouchers. "I don't think I want to do that anymore. As soon as the fight broke out it was like I hit a brick in the wall. (Travis said this after a big fight with Desrouchers)

"I hope not. We don't need to fight to win. As long as we stick together as a team, we'll be all right, " said Scott. (Travis when asked if he was Lowell's new enforcer)

"I had no idea," Scott said. It was a surprise when he hit me. It would have been nice if he'd have asked me instead of hitting me from behind." (Travis talking about the big fight against Desrouchers)

"A weight is lifted off of your shoulders once the kid arrives," Scott said. "It relaxes you." (Travis said this after his 2nd child was born)

"I'd like to say no," Scott said. "But I'm sure it had some affect. It did for sure." (Travis on whether or not being away from his wife when she was pregnant affected his game)

"I didn't mind the ECHL at all. It's a great league with great guys and great fans," said Scott. In Baton Rouge they cheered everything. If I made a routine save on a shot from the blue line, the fans would go wild." (Travis on life in the ECHL)

"It's a great decision for me right now, "said Scott. "I definitely made the right decision coming here." (Travis on his decision to come to the Lowell Lock Monsters)

"Travis Scott was unbelievable," said Sea Wolves coach Bruce Boudreau. "He's been unbelievably sparkling and people don't give him enough credit." "He stopped all those breakaways tonight and when you get great goaltending, eventually something clicks in." (Bruce Boudreau after a game against the Baton Rouge Kingfish)

"They were looking for the long bomb, the big play, and we're not giving it to them," said Sea Wolves goalie Travis Scott. "That's frustrating and they try even harder to get the long bomb." (Travis after the Sea Wolves won Game 1 against South Carolina)

"I don't feel I'm on top of my game right now," said the straightforward Scott. "Obviously I don't know what's wrong because if I did I'd change it just like that." (Travis on his struggles to start the 2002-2003 season-11/27/02)

"I'm more frustrated than anything," Scott said. "I'm letting myself down and I'm letting my teammates down." (Travis on his struggles to start the 2002-2003 season-11/27/02)

"Good goaltenders don't lose it overnight,"said Monarchs coach, Bruce Boudreau. "He's been a great goaltender the last four years. He's not going to lose it overnight. So it's a mental problem with him and he has to get over that. I lifted him not because it was the 3rd goal, but I was watching him. It was for what I was watching before that 3rd goal came. He was all over the place. He didn't have his net. He looked unsure of himself." (Bruce Boudreau on Travis' struggles and why he pulled him-11/27/02)

"There's definitely pressure," said Scott of Huet's presence, "but there was pressure last year with Fiset and Cousineau here. Pressure's a good thing, especially in the competitive sense." (Travis on Cristobal Huet's presence-11/27/02)

"The last time I had a start like this was with the Mississippi Sea Wolves, and we went on to win the Kelly Cup,"said Scott. (Travis on his bad start in the 2002-2003 season-11/27/02)

"I don't remember,"said Scott. "There were a lot of boos that year." (Travis on how bad his start was with Mississippi-11/27/02)

"She knows more about me than I do,"said Scott. "She did her homework. She did a great job." (Travis said all these comments on Monarchs Insider when he talked about my site)

"“I’m just happy to be playing well and happy that we’re winning. Hopefully it can continue,” Scott said. “If we can just understand to work hard every night and battle through, if we can work hard for 60 minutes.” (Travis after a big win against the Providence Bruins 12/02)